"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is all wrong... Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch and carry the one basket. It is trying to carry too many baskets that breaks most eggs in this country.
Andrew Carnegie

All Your Eggs
in One Ai-Fi Basket

The richest man in the world went on to say he who carries three baskets must put one on his head, which is apt to tumble and trip him up. One fault of the American businessmen is lack of concentration.

Enter the Ai-Fi Central. It is no ordinary basket. Complemented with our Counterseal Threshold Signature technology, it is the one basket that meets all your egg storage needs without disrupting concentration, safely keeping your crypto wallet seed mnemonics, email encryption keys, master password of your password manager and all critical secrets, under a single integrated privacy-preserving Ai-Fi protection umbrella.


Ai-Fi Incognito Cloud

Central to the single egg basket design is the Ai-Fi Incognito Cloud where a variety of digital valuables are locked away in various types of Krypton Tokens. Each token is protected by a private/public key pair, retrievable through a passphrase and client-side salt, of customizable cryptographic strength comparable to or stronger than Bitcoins on the blockchain. This is how your egg basket is made indestructible.

Adapt to the Latest Technology

Safely keep your passwords, crypto wallet seed mnemonics, email encryption keys, and master password of your password manager all under the single all-inclusive privacy-preserving Ai-Fi protection umbrella.

Counterseal Primary

Primary Signer

Counterseal Secondary

Secondary Signer

Ai-Fi Central

Ai-Fi Foundational Services