Live USB Based on Tails Linux

Release Notes

Counterseal Live System is a USB based state-less Counterseal Secondary Signer software which runs the portable Linux system Tails designed to protect against surveillance and censorship, highly desirable properties for crypto wallets. In Release 1.0 your wallet key materials are safely stored in our Ai-Fi Incognito Cloud as Cryptons, which requires Internet access through Tor. They can also be backed up on your local storage. The requirement on storing them in our cloud will be made optional in later releases.

In addition to the Tor access, the firewall of your Live USB allows only local LAN traffic, which is necessary to pair this Secondary Signer with the Primary. The pairing follows the TOFU (Trust On first Use) convention and is rigorously protected through dynamically created pairing key pairs.

The production of this Secondary Signer software is the same as that for the Tails Linux. Please visit the Tails website for production instructions after downloading the compressed image file by pressing the "Download" button below. Currently we only support our Live USB on Wintel platform. Make sure you checksum the downloaded image file and compare it with our published checksum value.